a d i d a s

photos by matthew claffey

yup, it's december and i'm still walking around in sweatshirts (flashback to last year when i was in a parka shivering in the snow). the winter season has been mild and wonderful. this outfit, however simple it may be, is my sunday go-to when doing chores around the city. 

r e l a x

f o r / n o w

photos by matthew claffey

i'm absolutely loving the fact that we're in december and the weather is still delightful and crisp. as autumn has transitioned to winter, keeping my wardrobe simple has been key. i know in a couple of weeks i'll be piling more and more layers on. for now, i'm happy to stick to this. 

h a p p i n e s s / b t q

anyone that knows me knows i always wear my family heirloom rings. what i love to do with them however is pair them with some midi-rings to add an unexpected and fun element to them. or even wearing the midi-rings on their own still give a dainty and fashionable update to my hand candy. where i go for them? happiness boutique

m a g i c a l

having grown up in miami and having lived in los angeles for almost a decade, the changing of seasons never really resonated with me. this is actually the first time in my entire life where i'm actually experiencing autumn. watching the colors change and having foliage be this perfect blend of gold, red and green is absolutely magical. 

t g i f