fire faucet

i had the strangest dream last night. for those that don't know, i dream quite frequently and they tend to be vivid, colorful, and off the wall dreams. i can smell things in my dreams, i can taste, and i can feel. so this particular dream was me awakening from my bed and going to my bathroom. when i turn on the "hot" faucet, i see flames on the bottom - the flames being what warms the water. i hadn't noticed it before so i tilt my head down in awe to see the process. i touch the flame but it does not burn me although it heats the water. i turn off the faucet and notice the flame is still there so i go to blow it out and whoosh it gives off a quick explosion. my reflexes were quick enough to not have gotten burned. instead of walking away, i go to blow it out once more - amused by the pyrotechnics my bathroom has now provided me with. it gives off the same explosion, only this time it catches me. the crown of my head is on fire and i put it out. it leaves no mark. only a few burnt strands that could be easily dealt with.
i run to my living room to tell the apartment manager (who happens to be walking his dog outside - and to whom i scream out the window) about the fire in my faucet. he waves from the street below and calmly promises to fix it. when i take a step back and take a look at my living room it looks like someone had broken in and left the place an organized mess. but as i look around everything is there and nothing is stolen. the tv is on the floor, and so are the pillows to my couch. my coffee table is on its side and my framed photographs are hanging lopsided. at first i think there was an earthquake, but if it was, i would have surely woken up. the room is bright, the walls are all white.
i wake up.
hmmm, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


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