paradise lost

do yourself a huge favor... go watch avatar in 3D.
luckily for me i live three blocks from one of the prettiest shopping centers in the city which harbors a beautiful and extremely resourceful theatre. there i spent over three hours engaged in (for lack of better words) a drool-fest. the entire cinematography of the film could make any stoic's skin shudder with goose-bumps. it is an experience to say the profound least. just as the main character, jake sully, transports his body and mind into a world unknown, so you shall find yourself in paradise lost.

for those who have an ear, james horner was the composer for this film. although there were parts of the movie where i thought a gigantic iceberg was going to crash into pandora, the symphony of sounds overall was organic and colorful.
scurry along kids, you've got one hell of a movie to watch...

until tomorrow xx


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