tart indeed

today i went to lunch with a good friend and someone who had just moved to los angeles. what do you really say? "get ready?"... "oh you poor innocent thing?"...
i tried to look at the positive but constantly found myself chuckling at the inner secrets of this city. it's kind of like being a porn star and explaining to a virgin what sex is like... get my drift?
anywho, i went to TART and had the most delicious salad : heirloom tomato and basil. i topped that with some tuna tartar and avocado (extra)... yum yum yum.
i've gone here for breakfast before but lunch was just as satisfying.

another friend also flew in last night and i was able to have dinner with them tonight. i have a secret feeling they won't stay in the city too long so it becomes some pre-college feeling. it's graduation day and you bond. you know in two weeks they're gone to some ivy-league school and adios it is. what do you do? breathe i guess. eat. drink. sleep. move on. you get the drift.

breakfast joint: http://www.tartrestaurant.com/
eat up kids. eat up.


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