i think

i apologize to the n-th degree for not writing for a week. i had no internet access in lovely san fransisco and upon my return i've been working about 14hrs a day. INTENSE.
so i'll break it down the easiest way possible:
saturday: cantina, the republic, tipsy pig
sunday: sausalito, absinthe, smugglers cove
monday (my birthday) : alcatraz, hayes and ashbury, tommy's, cantina....
tuesday: arrive to LA and off to work
wednesday: work and birthday party
thursday: work
friday: work and work

and that leaves us to today. i actually woke up early to do laundry and then had a late brunch. and who is sitting NEXT to me in an empty restaurant? mr. donald draper (jon hamm) himself. i don't even know how to respond. what a handsome handsome man.

i am very tired right now. i've been very tired for a while. and the more i work, the more my mind is engaged, the more difficult it becomes for me to sleep or get rest. january was such a surprisingly wonderful month... perhaps the perfect bon voyage. i have a very hard battle infront of me, but i am excited and ready. I THINK.

and as for you dear blog, i shall not abandon you!


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