may i have doubles?

i was reading over all my posts to somewhat give myself a mid-year analysis of my progression.
(yes, i am a nerd at heart kids)
here's the recap:
1. i have been keeping my promise to find something new or interesting every day in this city. although i may not write about it, i am fully conscious and am grateful for my blessings.
2. the whole purpose of this blog was to readjust my way of thinking and to get "back to the basics"
*more on this subject later on*
3. to have an amazing year... the kind of year that makes you say, "wow, all this for me?!"

here is what i've learned:
1. it's a lot out here. to keep a sense of humor and maintain a level head is like asking the heavens for champagne to pour down next time it rains. however, i try. this is something that i've been doing since i got my first car at 17... when driving and someone does me a favor i always lower the window and give them the peace sign. it reminds me of church (yes, a religious reference) when for a moment you look into some complete strangers eyes and grant them peace. i've always found it to be one of the most powerful things you can ever compel an audience to do.
i've learned sometimes you gotta take some prune juice and let that shit go. as a society we have this awkward fear of being "light"... we always feel like we have to carry our baggage, our battle scars, our experiences with us when in reality, all we have to carry is our breathe.
2. back to basics. well that i did. and by going back, i progressed.
i have a job i'm very proud of. and to think i began this blog because i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life and felt like i was left out in the gutter. my friendships are beautiful right now. i am so so so blessed with the people i surround myself with (you wouldn't believe it if i told you i have a single tear coming out of my eye right now). i've learned so much along this voyage and the company i've kept well... i couldn't ask for more. i've met new people that have awakened my soul, and i have rekindled old flames that have taught me that sometimes (if you're lucky) old flames don't have to burn the house down. maybe the flame is there to light a candle and remind you you're not alone.
that being said, i'm a hunt to go back to the real basics - kissing. how often to we really kiss someone we care about? to kiss someone selflessly for the sheer moment of sharing a breath with the other person. not foreplay, not drunk stupor, not everyday-i-kiss-him-goodnight kiss. i mean the kisses we dreamed of as teenagers when our palms would get sweaty and our hearts would beat endlessly. the kisses that lasted an entire movie. i'm going to start a revolution from my bed.
3. so far i'm saying... "all this for me? THANKS! may i have doubles?"


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