what about me?

should life be experienced with only one person, or are we straying away from conventionalism and waking up to the notion that maybe (just maybe) all this life is about is experience after experience after experience; and that it's ok if these experiences carry different passengers.
most of my friends are getting married, if not already, and the most common question i receive is, "what about you?"
well, what about me?

i want to travel. sit by a lake somewhere, drink some beer and read some ee cummings.
i want to stop picking my cuticles.
i want to take my dog to the park everyday and run around with her.
i want to learn how to sail.
i want to visit the wine country and savor it.
i'd like to write a children's book.
george clooney. zac efron. i want to meet them.
i'd like to visit one new country a year. atleast.
i want to go to my favourite restaurant and order everything on the menu.
i never want price to be a decision maker.
i want to live by the water.
i want to go to a third world country and lend a hand.
i want to wake up everyday smiling.
i want to go to bed every night thanking.


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