flying buttress

have you ever found that sometimes others have more faith than in you than you do in yourself?

perhaps one of the most beautiful things in life is having a support system... someone that sees beneath that dust that this life sprinkles on us, and admires our (sometimes hidden) polished selves. a term my boss frequently refers to me as is a "flying buttress." when i first heard it, i chuckled and went about my business. she then turned to me and said, "you know what that is right?" and i (impressed by architectural knowledge of religious premises) answered, "yes. it's the beams that holds a cathedral together. before modern technology that was the only way that such grandiose cathedrals were able to be built and stay erect at such a height."
and then it hit me.
we're all a temple. if we're doing this thing right (and by thing please open up your dictionary to "life"), we should be constantly taking ourselves to higher ground. and so we try to build ourselves strong, we equip ourselves with a firm foundation. but in order to really rise... to really soar... we must have our flying buttresses. we must surround ourselves with positive people, with people who strive for better and believe in something more. and in turn, we must be flying buttresses for those who we care about. those who we believe in. sometimes we need to be the polish that takes away the dust of others and allow them to shine.
maybe if we all did that, the world would be filled with more majestic beings, each shedding their own unique light and allowing a beautiful space inside to love and live and find peace.


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