the art of letting be

this is what i found this morning from a time long ago. glad that's over....

the art of letting be.
i can no longer hold this inside of me because no matter who i meet or what i do, it always references back to you.
and after half a decade of holding my peace, i'll allow myself to shatter and become a kaleidoscope for all to see.
i've held my breathe and i've bided my time with worthless affairs still wishing you were mine.
i thank you for your faith in me and the light you shined on me; i'll be sure to always keep it on for all the world to see.
i'm cutting ties and i'm cutting free. sometimes hope isn't what it's supposed to be -
sometimes it has to die in order for me to breathe.
you'll never come back to this city, it haunts you of past history.
these ghosts tip-toe around your heart like drunken dancers with no sympathy.
then you put a ring on her finger, cut to mirror your intentions, oversized and overwhelmed.
i laid in bed for a month replaying every dialogue in my head.
re-reading your letters when you were far away from me , "do me a favor? inspire me."
three-sixty-five came and went and so did she, your world crumbling down, unbeknownst to me.
i wrote you a note to make sure you were fine, "she broke your world, like you did mine."


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