a better self

there is a memorable quote in fight club : it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

ring a bell?

there are very few times in life where an opportunity will rise and you will not only meet it but you will raise the bets on it. you put it all on the table and say, "are you in?" the clincher is you have to ask it with your upmost commitment to it and with a straight face.
this is what makes me a woman.

life is far too short for mediocrity or half-assing it. it's the thrill the gambler gets at a high end roulette table. it's the thrill a child gets when riding his/her first roller-coaster. it's the thrill you get the mere second before your first kiss. those are the moments we seize and hold dear to our hearts. it is the moments where we know we can lose it all. it is the moments where we know we can win it all.

fear is what gets in the way. we actually become our own obstruction - we get in our own way to happiness and success. we confuse weakness for humility and settle for less than we are.

i don't have all the right answers. but i do believe that balance is the key to life. the gamble versus the safe. the humility versus the confidence. and the older i grow, i realize more and more that they are all one in the same. they all root for the same team: a better self.


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