john hughes

once the dust settles, once the damage is done we (more than likely) expect to be left alone in the rumbles. instead, sometimes nothing happens. nothing at all. as if the pink elephant walked into the room, ordered a dirty martini and went his merry way out.
somewhere deep inside the hidden crevices of my heart i desired a heated debate in the rain. i wanted my thoughts to roll out of my tongue like locomotive shooting across a bridge, fearless of falling. i would turn around to find john hughes clapping and exclaiming, "excellent!"... and then he would direct the boy to kiss me. end scene.

for my birthday, one of my friends bought me a necklace that read, "dreams come true if you really want them to." she said that when she saw it she thought of me... that it would somehow relate to my life. i immediately put it on out of politeness but more for salvation.
when was the last time i really dreamed? i have fantasies every 15 minutes or so (ok, more like 15 seconds) but i do not recall the last time i really let myself dream the impossible. my mind is always all over, and always all over work. i find myself living the dreams i had when i was a teenager, as if everything is finally coming around full circle and a new cycle of dreams is ready to implant itself in my head and heart. chapters are closing. books are being finished. and i can smile when i think about my life.


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