if there has been a person in los angeles whose photography i've admired, and who's presence i'm going to miss when he leaves to new york, it's christian rios. known at the go-to-guy for male photography, his simple approach in capturing a fellow's essence is anything but simple - it's genius. we were able to catch up at urth cafe where he agreed to let me interview him for the blog. thank you sir! xx

q: why the title "dreamers" and why did you feel like this was the time to publish it?
a: the title comes from the fact that artists, models, musicians, actors all come to la to pursue their dream. the essence of california is more than just "hollywood". they come from all over the world and all over the states just for this dream. why now? i had the opportunity and the idea. i had to do something to push on forward. i saw that in music you can produce a track and sell a record independently and thought why cant i do this? i did everything independently. i hadn't seen anyone do this.
q: three adjectives to describe yourself:
a: cool (he laughs and immediately says "i'm just kidding! i'm just kidding!" apologetically. it took me by surprise that he took this long to think about it. he finally looks up.)caring, loving and optimistic.
q:what inspires you?
a: i'll tell you what i don't do. i never look at my competitors work as inspiration. when i need it, i just don't go to other websites just to see how i could do it better. my inspiration mostly comes from music. growing up, i was always around music. most of my editorials are song titles. true life and true experiences also inspire me.
q. where do you see yourself in five years?
a. everytime i get questions like this i always say i want to keep doing what i'm doing but progressing. keep doing bigger things. 

i told him to pick his favorite images from "dreamers":
nico tortorella
luke armitage
matt mckinney
petey wright

christian & i

to get in depth: http://christianrios.us/

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  1. this is so cool! definitely gonna check out his photography.