find the beauty in every thing

In 2006, smith magazine encouraged fans to describe their lives (or life mantra) in six words. writer and editor, larry smith, was inspired by ernest hemingway and his short stories."there is inspiration everywhere. even if you don't think you're a storyteler, you are," he said.
fast foward to o magazine, february 2012 issue (to which i borrowed the above image): i was delighted to see a four page spread simply on six-worded lives. 
here are the ones that caught my eye:
"might as well eat that cookie" - paula deen
"loving heart for sale. like new." - a. faulkner
"i dance daily, watched or not." - o.whitman 
"i've made all the best mistakes." - j.mckeen-grabell

and mine?

"find the beauty in every thing." - i.salsamendi

what's yours?