*ditch dogs*

 *sex toast*

if there's something i love it's football and sunday's game did not disappoint!
if there's something i love even more is being able to walk on over to one of my favorite dive bars and being able to watch the game with great friends. 
chef shanna lynn always cooks up some killer comfort food at the dime every sunday and monday night. being one of the top 20 finalists for food network's "master chef" show, she got to cook for two of her culinary idols - gordan ramsay and rocco dispirito; and now she's cooking up some tasty treats for los angeles. you'll even be pleasantly surprised to find me on the menu every once in a while - a fabulous sandwich called idalia's bread. 

last night,however,it was all about the "ditch dogs" and "sex toast" ...
sex toast - hunk of bread toasted with butter + roasted tomatoes (in salt, pepper and thyme) + grilled eggplant (marinated in soy sauce + balsamic honey + red pepper flakes) + homemade chipotle mayo + smoked gouda
ditch dogs - deep fried hotdogs + caramelized onions (in butter + cabernet) + homemade chipotle ketchup + mac n cheese topping
*check out her cooking blog:

and yes, we finished the night with a round of shots for the entire bar in honor of the giants. 


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