brand dominated universe

meredith rose & i

friends visiting from england
loved the lighting at the gallery

last week i had so much fun at the opening of eric hajjar and meredith rose's newest series, brand dominated universe, at guy hepner's gallery in west hollywood. i've been a fan of all their work for some time now so it's always refreshing when they bring something new to the table. i was able to get meredith for a quick lil q & a sesh...
q. i absolutely loved how you took all these known high-fashion labels and created something new from it. how did this idea come to mind?  
a. eric and i like to create pieces that speak to things culturally.  we have noticed that there is an obsession and fascination around high end luxury brands. we wanted to pay homage to them in an original way.  all of the luxury brand imagery was shot on film from various store fronts around the world.  we then printed them on aluminum and added paint splatters. 
q. i’ve come to a couple of your shows already and this has been my favorite. how long have you been working on this and how do you feel now that it’s finally up in the gallery? 
a. thanks so much and we are so happy you liked it.  the collection came from a variety of photo shoots from las vegas, los angeles, paris, and new york.  when we travel and photograph these beloved cities, it's near to impossible to not photograph these amazing store fronts.  we wanted to feature these in some way. in addition to staying true to our photography roots, we incorporated paint to make each of the pieces unique.  eric and i custom create each piece by adding all of the paint splatters by hand.  it is truly the best part and amazing to see them hanging up in the gallery.  when we create the work, it is in a fragile/vulnerable state, and when others come to celebrate an opening it is best part. 
q: so in this "brand dominated universe" what is your favorite brand / who is your favorite designer? 
a.i would have to say my favorite piece of this series would have to be "prada milano".  i really love this one because it is from our first trip to paris.  also, this was a photo taken from a new store that would be opening--so if someone were to go there now, the imagery/signage is probably gone.  we really love to capture things on film that mark a time and place in history and that capture being in the right place at the right time so to speak.
as for favorite designers, i love all the high end luxury ones, but i am obsessing over alexander wang currently.  i love his use of sporty chic cuts and designs.  he is really amazing and i am always impressed from season to season.  i also love azzedine alaia.  he uses a lot of laser cut outs in their bags and their dresses are pieces of art. 
q. and finally, who are you wearing tonight? i love your dress. 
a. thanks so much!  it is alice and olivia.

not part of the collection but loved the piece regardless

what i wore: ralph lauren sweater, guess? belt, love in skirt, chinese laundry shoes


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