oh la lucques

this past week i had a delight of a dinner experience at lucques, a pan-medditerian restaurant, that always aims to please. while enjoying my churros dessert, i had the honor of chit-chatting with javier espinoza, the chef de cuisine...

q. your menu changes rather often and you stay true to the season. what should we be expecting this spring and summer?
a. yes, our menu is seasonal and changes about four times a year. it really depends on mother nature and our farmers.  suzanne goin, executive chef/owner and myself are usually in contact with the farmers and check to see what they are growing. we always try to come up with new and different dishes for each menu. spring vegetables came a bit early this year, so english peas and pea shoots were on our valentines day menu. fava beans are also on their way.  in the summer, i look forward to stone fruit and tomatoes--they always excite me (he starts cracking up), i swear they do. it is definitely a market-driven menu.

q. i love that lucques supports local farmers and ranchers. tell me about that.
a. we've been buying local and organic produce from farmers at the santa monica farmers market for years.  cooking at lucques and working for suzanne has helped me build great relationships with them. i have a deeper appreciation for great ingredients and sustainable food.

q. how much say do you have in creating the menu? working under suzanne goin must be exciting...

a. it's very exciting.  there is never a dull moment at lucques and creating a new menu is very challenging. there is some collaboration especially on sundays when the menu changes every time.  she has really influenced my way of cooking. 

needless to say to my fellow los angeleans, if you haven't been here yet you're definitely missing out. the service is wonderful, the food impeccable, and the ambiance simply delightful. a special thanks to dimber for the introduction.

8474 melrose avenue / los angeles ca 90048
*photographs taken from website as well as myself

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