i will confess something right here: i have an unusual fascination with watching the hsn and qvc channels, especially late at night.
once a year i give in, call that hotline number and place an order. low and behold my hsn purchase of the year: benefit!
if you're unfamiliar with this brand, it's as good and hip as it gets. allow me to explain...

1. the instant brow pencil: a great little tool to fill in your eyebrows without looking like cast member of real housewives of new jersey (no offense to them of course). it's a wonderful mix between pencil and powder. it even lasts all day.

2. they're real mascara: this mascara is amazzzzing. it's like a chia commercial in the sense that you virtually see your eyelashes "grow" in the application process. although i do prefer mascaras that go on thicker and bolder, this defines each lash and gives it a natural, long-lash look.

3.pore-fessional: like i always like to say "not to prime is a crime." tagging on my motto, this is a smooth balm that minimizes the appearance of your pores and makes you're make up last longer. 

4. benetint: this cheek and lip stain was first given to me as a christmas present a few years back. this bottle lasts! besides giving you a wonderful rosy glow on your cheeks, you can also dab some on your lips for some natural color. the stain survives my busy work day and proven itself faithful in the nights as well. beware, however, that whatever finger you rub the tint on will stay a nice shade of pink the entire day (even if you wash it). 

... and there you have it kids. a brief benefit tutorial. enjoy!

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