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kevin, myself & leslie (his wife & muse)

kevin alejandro is no stranger to the small screen, and within the past couple of years he's made himself a house-hold name. whether you followed his adventures in southland or fell in love with him in true blood, this is one actor to keep looking out for. 
being one of the busiest actors in tinsel town, kevin is incredibly charming, undeniably hilarious and (hands down)one of the coolest people i've ever met...

me: kevin, thanks so much for taking time to chat with me. i'm so excited for the new season of 'true blood'! your "death" in the season finale last year left me (and dare i say, the nation) shocked and in utter disbelief. what can you tell us about the season to to come? should we be expecting the ghost of jesus to trickle on through?

kevin: first off, let me start by saying thank YOU for even being interested in talking with me. i had an amazing time playing the character of jesus, and the fact that he was a guy that the audience could really connect with, made my job very easy. the response i received from people after his death was both shocking and very touching. people really liked him. i guess the big part of this question is, "will we see him again???" the answer is... you will... however, it will not be the way people expect! the beauty of 'true blood' is... they do an amazing job of keeping the audience consistently surprised, and that is exactly what's going to happen this season!

me: you're definitely no stranger to acting. you've been successful and blessed to have performed in the most popular of tv series (ugly betty, shark, the young and the restless, southland, the list goes on forever). what's your motivation and muse? i know los angeles and acting is a tough little cookie…

kevin: i am one of the lucky ones... i knew from a pretty early age i wanted to be an actor. i just sort of said, "that's what i want to do, and i'll never stop trying". i'm still trying! every time a job ends, the journey to finding the next one is just as intense as the one before. there is constant change and fierce competition in this business, and this is exactly what i love about it. i have to say though, i couldn't have done any of this without the support and love of my wife. she is who motivates and inspires me... SHE is my muse...

me: awe, thats so sweet, kevin! so what else in the works for you? where will we be seeing you next?

kevin: i have a couple things to look out for after 'true blood'... one, is 'truck stop', an indie film i did with juno temple and evan peters. it's a great story written by tony aloupis. it's set in the 70's about a kid with cerebral palsy and his friendship with a troubled runaway. i play the young runaways pimp. it's a character i've never played before, and it was an amazing challenge! i also landed a series regular role in cbs's mid season replacement, 'golden boy'... another great project! it centers on one officer's unusually fast rise to police commissioner. this will definitely be one to watch! it's a great cast and awesome writing!!!

me: i can't wait to see you in 'golden boy'! with all these projects, it seems like you're a busy guy. what do you do like to do on your downtime?

kevin: when i am not working, i am surfing. i love it! it's the perfect way to start and end a day. every since 'golden boy' got picked up, and i realized we're actually moving to new york, i have been doing it as much as i can.

me:  last but not least… what's one random fact your fans don't know about you but you'd like for them to know?

kevin: one thing only a few people know about me is that i love to paint. my favorite time to do this is when it rains. there's something about the feeling on a rainy, cold day that inspires me to paint. so whenever it's rainy, you can imagine me in front of two huge glass sliding doors, wearing an oversized grey bathrobe, and huddled over a canvas that sits atop a glass table creating a picture that lives in my head.

me: i had no idea you painted! thanks again for the interview. i honestly look forward to all the successes the world has in store for you. los angeles is going to miss you!

kevin: thank you again, idalia, for making time for me!!!

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