plagues and pleasures of the salton sea

the breakdown on the salton sea : holy lord does it smell foul and look like a nuclear bomb hit bringing all the dead fish out to shore. 
the sea was created by a flood in 1905, in which water from the colorado river flowed into the area. since then, the level of saline has risen so high that it cannot support many aquatic life - the result being sand made up of dead fish scales and a shore completely covered by death. 
one would think that in the middle of the desert, this oasis would provide an ideal tourist spot. and yet it's "one of the country's worst ecological disasters"... 

check this video out:

photog cred: c.alderson and moi

what i wore: staring at stars romper, f21 necklace, havaianas flip flops, chloe sunglasses


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