things i'd like...

in the past, my "dreamboards" have always been more about the life-long goals and aspirations. i'm not one to get materialistic with my dreaming. after all, all that is glitter will eventually fade. 
for fun, i thought why not just clip out little things here and there that one day i would like to own (i.e.: short-term goals). i've come to peace with wanting material things so long as i don't lose track on what really matters in life.

1. givenchy - victoria biker glitter sandals : these are so fun and glittery and can easily transform itself from summer to fall. did i mention they're also on sale? 
2. the cambridge satchel : i know i know i know. i'm like the last person in the universe without this bag. would look rather darling with my initials engraved in it too....
3. emmanuelle khanh sunglasses : i tried on a fabulous vintage pair this weekend (future post). i'm in awe with this designer. check out the link. it's all glamour.
4. cartier love bracelet : a classic staple. i've been in love with it ever since i was a child. 
5. erdem criona high-waisted skirt : this is one thing i need to buy before the fall starts lurking in - a high-waisted floral skirt. although this particular one is a bit out of my price-range, a girl can dream!

*drawing by moi


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