canterbury tales

let's continue the tour, shall we?

welcome to canterbury! located in the garden of england, kent, this town is filled with splendor and wonder. it holds the majestic canterbury cathedral which heads the church of england. being found by st. augustine in ad 597 as an abbey, the king's school  (which was then refounded by king henry viii) is believed to be the oldest school in britain.
as i was walking down the cobble stone streets of the town, i found myself in front of the sir john boys house, otherwise known as the "crooked house" which served as the king's school shop.
above the door there reads a quote from charles dickens, " a very old house bulging out over the road... leaning forward, trying to see who was passing on the narrow pavement below..."

what i wore: theory blouse, ralph lauren jumper, helmut lang jeans, mossimo flats

photog cred: r.gardiner

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  1. awesome shots r.gardiner! looks like you two had buckets of fun =)

  2. I aim to please with my lens