cheers, mate

first view of londontown

yes! i'm still alive and boy what a week it's been! in my most humble defense, i've tried four times to post this blog this past week and every time i press that coveted "publish" button, the internet goes down. looks like this city has to sort out its internet issues. buahahahaha! 

welcome to post one of my trip across the pond. 

after an 11hr flight, i finally touched down to london and was ready to begin my adventure. allow me to share some proper knowledge to my peeps back home in the states:
1. when crossing streets, look right.
2. when thanking someone, a simple "cheers mate" will suffice.
3. i'm on "holiday" (not "vacation").
4. a "bathroom" must have a bath, hence you must ask for the "loo" or "toilet" when needing to tinkle in public.
5. apparently my american express has absolutely no use here, but "it's such a cool looking card". my response: "cheers mate!"
(ok, not really. i just smile.)
6. you can experience all four seasons in one day in england. always keep that rainjacket and umbrella handy. 

the pictures above are just a small sampling of the neighborhood where i'm actually staying - kensington & chelsea. although it's been quite consistent with the drizzling, it really hasn't bothered me one bit. the city is gorgeous and vibrant and alive. 


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