goorin bros.

burgundy pill box hat, "bessie smith"
top hat, "white rabbit" (with added feather)
"laura wilder"
british paperboy hat by olney, "fletcher srp"
asymmetrical fedora, "norma jean"
goorin bros. shopkeepers
brilliant letter that left me watery-eyed

photog cred: edward scott foto

the second i walked the goorin bros. store i was immediately smitten. in the middle of the melrose shopping district is a hat shop that transcends time. since 1895, this family owned business has been keeping tradition and style alive with their hand-made hats.
if you couldn't tell, my absolute favorite of the bunch was the burgundy pill box hat called "bessie smith" - i felt like i was ready for the races (or for some brunch in the countryside).

here are some fun hat facts:
1. to "don" a hat means to put it on. you don your hat when going outside and leave it on when you're in a lobby, public building, or elevator. 
2. to "doff" a hat means to take it off. you doff your hat in the presence of a lady.
3. women's hats are considered fashion accessories and are part of their ensemble, therefore ladies are not required to remove their hats when indoors. 
4. tip your hat when meeting with friends and tip it again when leaving.
5. john f. kennedy was the first president in the united states that didn't wear a hat. because of his fashion influence, many believe that men began to stop wearing hats to follow his trend.

a special thank you to the whole team at goorin bros. who made my visit there an absolute delight! 

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