i thank you

i believe it's now safe to say that i survived thanksgiving. being blessed to have gone to two dinners (pictures above were from dinner #1), there were lots of things that came to mind when asked what i was grateful for.
as we went around the table voicing individually what we were most grateful for this year, i noticed a trend in all of us : it was a trying year. when it got to me (and may i mention that i was the last to go), all that came to mind was that 2012 was the year the earth was supposed to end. i had forgotten that my resolution this year was to go big - to literally live the life that i had imagined. to take ridiculous chances, to dream ridiculous dreams, to have unyielding courage, and to take unprecedented actions to make it all come true. what i was grateful for (besides the obvious friends, family and pooch)was everything that had beautifully presented itself to me this year and how i received it (it's a funny thing receiving - you have to do so wholeheartedly if not it doesn't really count). it really made me look at my life through a microscope - every fiber of my being (and way of life) was questioned - "is this what you really want?" - now answer honestly. now move onward. now move upward.

so to all of you reading - i thank you.
this blog has allowed me to be inspired and furthermore has allowed me to share. 

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  1. yum looks so good, i want thanksgiving, wish i lived in America!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog