'tis the season

images via: the messes of men

allow me to be frank at the commencement: i've never celebrated a traditional christmas. why you ask? well, i grew up in miami, florida where i could open gifts in the morning and be at the beach tanning and enjoying my outdoor activities by noon (not that i'm complaining about this). and then i moved to los angeles, california - despite the 3,000+miles difference, the lifestyle is somewhat the same. only difference here is, from the distance i can see snow-capped mountains. and if i wanted (which i do often), i could drive 2 hours up north to ski. 
whew. that being said, i've never seen the snow come down on a christmas morning. i've never been in a city during the holidays to celebrate a white christmas.
and so the shots above are a mini-wishlist/dreamboard of how i would like to spend the holidays. how do you spend yours?

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  1. Love these images...really put me in the mood for Christmas. We should get a group together and head up into the mountains to play in the snow for the day