this past month i decided to get back to juicing. once a popular pastime of mine, my poor juicer has felt the utter despair of neglect within the last couple of months. but let's face it, for the sake of my courageous liver, i must pump my veins with some proper nutrients. right in time for holiday festivities, a cocktail once a week has rightfully turned to a couple of cocktails, a couple of times a week. and so to not send my 5'2 body into whiskey/champagne/wine/beer shock i'm counteracting with vegetables/fruits/anything healthy.

here is my special concoction (all organic and locally farmed whenever possible):
1. 1 large apple (to your liking) 
2. 2 carrots
3. half a cucumber
4. a handful of spinach
5. a dash of ginger
6. half a beet (this addition alters)

and here are my tricks:
1. never mix more than 3 greens per juice (don't ask me why. my mom swears by this and i never question the lady) 
2. use a mason jar as a cup
3. once you finish juicing, put the lid on the jar and place in the freezer (i like my juices cold)
4. while juice is in freezer, clean the juicer. yes, i actually clean the juicer prior to drinking the juice itself. this avoids the fruit and vegetable remnants from hardening and thus making it almost close to impossible to clean.
5. use an old toothbrush to clean the blades
6. if you want your juice extra cold, store all fruits and veggies in the refrigerator

bottoms up! 

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  1. my boyfriend is obsessed with his juicer! he hates cleaning it so if i'm over, he leaves it for me to was haha... the toothbrush suggestion sounds very helpful! it's super annoying trying to clean it with a sponge


  2. i don't know why, but I absolutely adore that photo

  3. Thank you for being my inspiration.