monday's muse: rob evans

ranked one of the top 25 male models in the world, rob evans has always been a force to be reckoned with. born and raised in england, rob was trained to be a boxer... until he was scouted by a modeling agent and just like that, his life took a different course. most recognizable from his calvin klein ads, and now a judge on america's next top model, he is undeniably charming and brilliantly personable. when i asked rob if he'd like to finish my sentences for the blog, this is what the gent had to say... 

1. if i could live anywhere in the world, it'd be jamaica, mon.
2. in 5 years, i see myself as a successful acting and business man.
3. my favorite spot to eat in los angeles is the cheesecake factory at the grove.
4. my favorite movie is scarface.
5. if i had one superpower it'd be to rewind time.
6. if i had to change one thing about my life/past, it would be honestly everything. there are some shots i wish i never had to see/go through. i've made some dumb choices in life... at times to proud to take anyone's advice. 
7. the best piece of advice i ever received was when i started making it. someone told me that the people who are absent during the struggle shouldn't be present during the success. i thought he was a wise man but a couple of month's later i found out it was a will smith quote. still mad true though.
9. the biggest culture shock i experienced while traveling was probably in brazil. it's so poor. it wakes you up to how many things you take for granted... and they're so much happier than us though which is crazy. 
10. my 2013 new year's resolution is to start taking things more seriously.

a special and huge thank you to rob x

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  1. He is very beautiful.. I would love to join him him at the cheesecake factory! hahaha :*

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