don't break the bank

now that the holidays are over and we're slowly settling into our daily routines, you may have had this brilliant realization: oh crap, i'm broke! in lieu of that horrid thought, here are five amazing products that you'll probably use daily but won't break your bank doing so...  

1. e.l.f. zit zapper: $1
this was a complete impulse buy at target. and let me tell you one thing: it actually works! yup! for $1 you can dab on the liquid formula on a pimple and say adios. 

in the age where washing and blow-drying your hair has become complete drag (let's face it ladies, i'm right), dry shampoo has seemed to be the answer to any busy lady's regimen. pssssst! has answered our prayers. 

need i say more? ever since this mascara was launched, it's been  flying off the shelves with stellar reviews.

4. sally hansen's all fired up nail polish: $3 (plus/minus)
don't get me wrong, i love me some o.p.i. and essie but for the price of one of their bottles, i can get 2 sally hansen's. the quality is just as good and the color lasts and lasts!

5. rimmel london kate moss lipstick 001: $5.19
i originally got this lipstick from a friend in england before it even hit the shelves in the states. one swipe and i was hooked. ever since then, i've been faithful to my one red lipstick. lucky for us now, it can be found stateside. woohoo!


  1. i agree with the sally hansen polish! i like her xtreme wear line too. i'm wearing 180 (disco ball) right now!