teen beach movie

last saturday i had the absolute honor of accompanying my dear friend chrissie fit (ie: cheechee from "teen beach movie")to d23, the biggest disney expo. in case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, this movie has created an fanatical craze throughout the nation. needless to say, i'm incredible proud of my dear friend for being part of the movie and creating an absolutely hilarious and undeniably recognizable character.
seeing her on stage with the rest of the cast (which by the way, were awesome to hang out with!), and seeing little kids run to her with excitement brought me a smile ear-to-ear.

after the expo, we all had dinner then hopped on over to california adventure and disneyland to enjoy the rest of the evening riding our favorite rides.

here is a quick lil' q&a i did with chrissie:

q: holy cow! there were so many people at d23! what was your reaction when you saw all these people waiting in line just to see you and the cast?
a: it was unreal! like nothing I've ever even dreamt of. so thankful that the response to "teen beach movie" has been so positive. i was, of course, excited to meet everyone but a little overwhelmed too. i heard it was the biggest turn out at the d23 expo this year. people waited in line for as long as eight hours. it's so incredibly flattering. something i'll never forget. never ever!   

q: in the movie you have an infamous beehive of a hair-do. do you have a signature hairstyle or fashion-style in real life?
a: i'm a lot more low-key then my character, chee chee. not sure that i could spend two hours each day doing my hair (that's how long the process took while filming). i let my hair air dry and then tend to do lose waves. i feel like that's my go-to hairstyle. it can be casual (like you're at the beach) or you can add more curls to fancy it up. 
 as far as fashion, i like what looks good. not all trends look good on everyone. for example, i'm 5 feet tall so you'll probably never see me in a maxi dress. i know, never say never, but chances are you're more likely to see me in something that flatters my body type; but is still fashionable. 

q: you're also very passionate about singing. if you had to perform with someone, who would it be?
a: that's a hard question because there are so many singers and musicians i look up to. but i guess i'd have to say stevie wonder. he's a legend!

q: what was your favorite disney movie growing up?
a: there was a point where i could say ever single line in "the little mermaid". i was obsessed with that movie... would watch it 3 times a day. i also really loved, still love, "aladdin". i thought i was princess jasmine. she was the the disney princess that looks most like me. it would be a dream come true if i could voice the first ever latina disney princess. that would then be my favorite disney movie ever! how cool would that be? 

q: last but not least, what's one thing you'll like your fans to know about you (that they might not know about already)?
a: i'm incredibly superstitious. i don't know if it's a thing i picked up from my mother or if it's a cultural thing. for example, i wear my grandmother's bracelets when i fly, i wear certain colors to auditions, i have a lucky miami heat hat that i have to wear to each game so they win, i have trinkets that mean certain things, cats, ladders, mirrors, all that stuff. i don't take any chances!
 i don't know why that's a thing i want my fans to know! i feel like i should've been inspirational here. especially because it's not about all the superstitions or about luck, it's about hard work. you need to put in the time and effort, the lucky rabbits foot is just a backup ;) 


  1. happy for your friend! it's a great opportunity to be a part of smth like this.

    From province

  2. That's so awesome!!!

  3. great pics & interview

    that is the biggest beach ball i have ever seen!


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  4. Cute pictures! Must ve been a fun experience!!

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  7. cool interview, love this post!!
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  8. Thank you for your comment !

    Lovely post and pics, I feel your joy !

    Silvia, kisses !

  9. Wow!! You have a very very good luck to have a very good friend like her!
    We are happy for the success of your friend and happy too for your day with her and her partners.
    The photos are amazing!!
    Kisses from Spain.

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  11. Aww, it looks like you guys had so much fun! What an interesting thing to get to experience!

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    Good interview,
    You are so lucky.

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  16. It looks like so much fun!

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