20 things

on the eve of my thirtieth birthday, i'll humbly share my top 20 things i learned in my 20s...

20. google it - seriously. in the age of technology and lightning-speed internet, this website has educated me and has made me sound smarter than your average bear.
19. move on quickly - in my teens and early twenties, i notoriously mourned over heartbreak for far too long. the older i get, the quicker i am to get on my feet, dust the shoulders off, take some prune juice and let that shit go.
18. travel - explore the world. i've been very fortunate to see more things than i ever expected to. 
17. exercise - getting a desk job ain't easy. getting your arse to stay in shape ain't easier.
16. speak your mind - when i was in italy i fell in love with a quote i read from saint francis: speak the truth with kindness. ever since i read that, i've strived for it.
15. take time for you - i spent the better part of my 20s heavily focused on work. ok, who am i kidding? i still do. but i've learned to turn off the phone and get a massage. 
14. dye that mane - can i admit right here that i wish i was 22yrs old right now so i can dye my hair purple a la kelly osbourne? oh well. my hair has been red, bleach blonde, black and brown this past decade.
13. know your worth - i had to instill it in my mind that yes i am good enough, and yes i deserve it. 
12. call your parents - i'm no longer 16 whining to my mom to pick me up around the corner. having parents are a miracle, not a given.
11. party - i grew up in miami and lived most of my 20s in los angeles. god bless all the parties i've been fortunate to attend.
10. choose your friends - it dawned on me one day when i was 26 that i actually had a choice on who i have the honor of surrounding myself with. make those people honorable, kind, generous, and funny.
9. stop biting those nails! - i think (fingers crossed) i finally mastered this! i'm entering my 30s with a pretty cool manicure.
8. date someone you would have never imagined yourself to be with - this has taught me more about myself than any other experience. say yes to that date even though it's completely wrong and see what happens.
7. compliment - yes kids. i once considered myself a bitch. through the art of communication, listening and complimenting, i've valiantly learned you catch more bees with honey. 
6. admit those feelings - i ain't too school for school no more. if i like you, i'll tell you. if i love you, i'll let you know. if i'm in love with you, you'll know it.
5. cry - yup. let those floodgates go. and then refer back to #19.
4. not everyone will understand - the older we get the more our life stories get more complicated and intertwined. it's ok if not everyone agrees or understands me or my life. it's even more ok if i don't even understand my own life. c'est la vie.
3. honor your body - it's temple, y'all. i swear.
2. yolo - i hate saying it but it's true. you only live once. and although i'm the biggest grump on my birthday. saying yolo to myself actually makes me feel better. 
1. love - predictable of me to have saved this for #1? if so, i'm doing something right.

here i come 30. come and get it!


  1. Having parents is a miracle, not a given - absolutely love this. Happy birthday eve beautiful~



  2. These are some great things to have learned. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. i hope you have a fantastic birthday!
    great post- loved what you wrote :D

  4. Happt birthday sweetie. You are wise and that picture is very sensual.



  5. this is beautiful!!!!! great idea, doll. Happy bday.


  6. Great lessons :) And hope you have a marvelous bday!!!


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  7. Gorgeous picture!


  8. happy birthday!
    (and such a great list) ;) x

  9. Absolutely agree with calling parents, they are definitely a miracle, and never take them for granted. :)
    And happy birthday dear, best wishes! xo

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  10. Happy B-day my love!!! Never older by the minute, always gorgeous! <3 I have to agree with all the 20 things you have learned, I am definitely learning them now. Glad that you were able to experience this post!


  11. 20 GREAT things. and many more great things in your 30s


  12. So lucky to have such a beautiful and inspirational sister!! <3

  13. LOVE this. I'm with you on so many of these items but traveling, knowing your self worth and YOLO are tops!

  14. Happy belated birthday! 20 great things, dear! You're totally right, YOLO is so true, life is too short to just go with the flow ;)


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  15. This is a great list. I'm 25 and I'm still learning some of these things...some of the best lessons are the ones that are really hard to admit!

    x. jill
    beck daily