10 little things

when i opened an email at work from marcia rothschild moellers (from bravo models) and read what you're going to read below, i took a deep breathe and tried to really take it in. in our busy busy crazy crazy world, so many times we build barriers around negative people. 
but let's take this approach...

1. try hard to have compassion - did they get yelled at? are they having a bad day?  do they feel bad even having to tell you? are they having financial troubles? are they beyond stressed? are they in menopause or that time of the month (lol)? is their partner being awful to them? do they hate their job? did they just get a speeding ticket? a multitude of reasons that really have nothing to do with you.  could they be nicer anyhow - for sure - but sometimes it's just hard to do, especially if you haven't been given the tools to deal better.
2. know it's not your stuff - most times when people are negative, it has nothing to do with you because in truth we can all find better ways, kinder ways, compassionate ways to handle negative situations. go back to 1 and also maybe they just haven't learned how to say things better.  great teachers change our lives daily.
3. know the situation - if it's negative in itself - maybe way beyond your understanding for why it's happening. it could not be about you or your company or your client or even politics. it could be simply that the universe knows your client has to move to india next year to meet their soul mate and thus, this is not a good time for long-term work to happen. It could be that old adage something better is coming...well, not always if it's a life changing epic job opportunity - but perhaps it's not in the picture for your client's life journey and you can't see that now.

4. try really hard to know that in truth if you think of this situation tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, it's really not going to impact your life at all. whew! that really is a relief.
5. it's your choice how your respond -  you can let it suck you in.  you can become part of the negativity. or you can choose not to. usually, we're all sucked in for a bit. get up, get out of your environment just for a few minutes walk, go wash your hands to your elbows, clear the energy off of you, have a big glass of water (no, not a shot of whiskey yet!) and breathe, breathe, breathe.  big deep breaths in and out will do more for you than anything can if you don't have much time.
6. going into anger and/or fear puts you on the same wave length - don't do it. remember to raise your vibration and stay above  it. Not easy always but just try.
7. stress, sadness, anger are all not good for your health - we all feel invincible and we should be but these stressors can do you in.  don't let it affect your health.  learn to let it slide, let it go, laugh it off, whatever it takes.  we want you around for a long time.

8. turn the negative into Positive - what did you learn from this?  what is the lesson?  how can you help yourself to alleviate this type of negativity in the future.  remember that all negative situations have a positive.  the laws of cause and effect.
9. know it's your movie, your life, and you have to see it for what it is -  a lesson for you to shift and raise your vibration and see where you grow and learn, and where you let go.
10. know you are loved and understood and cherished - sometimes the best thing you can do after a crappy negative thing happens is call someone who loves you. take those 2 minutes to be loved by someone who makes you feel good and focuses on all your fabulousness.  click up on your monitor t o see your kids, your pets, your loved ones and just smile.


  1. Love the positive energy in this post! Positive mind, positive life~

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