monday monday

whew! after a quick trip this weekend to jamaica for a scouting event for work (post coming, i swear!), i'm back at our los angeles office on this glorious and sunny monday. 
because i get so many questions from readers asking what i actually wear to work, i grabbed one of my coworkers and took these quick snaps to actually show you. i try to keep to the color basics : black and white. although i must confess this winter season i was black on black 99.99% of the time.


  1. Love the look !!!
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  2. These pictures are so beautiful! Definitely jealous of that weather.

  3. So simple and chic.

    Kiss, Nati

  4. Ah I'm so jealous that you get to go to Jamaica for work! My work trips usually consist of going to client visits in middle of nowhere, Illinois. Lovely and simple work look, by the way.

    - Gita
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  5. effortlessly chic!
    how fun that you were able to go to jamaica for work :)

  6. Beautiful and simple look! :)

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  8. great back drop!

    xo, Liz

  9. Great insight. I feel like I'm more prepared
    then most and continue to be freaked out daily.
    No matter how much I prepare I know that there is so much more to do. Good luck up in Canada and God's speed.
    Lovely Read!

  10. Love this black and white look!

  11. aah i always find this casual as the best :)

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