i suppose i’ve been putting this post off for a while because of some odd innate fear (for lack of better words) of airing my feelings, thoughts, and reflections of the past year. the more the days pass, the more i feel like i’m selling myself and my life rather short if i don’t succumb to my vulnerability and consider it, in fact, my strength. so dear friends and readers, in honor of my birthday and turning 31, here is what i’ve learned since 30:

  it was bad. it was really good.: while taking a walk with my friend this past weekend, he turned to me and said, “for everything you went through last year, it actually ended up being really good for you!” i couldn’t agree more. the older i grow, the more i realize that if we’re strong enough to wait for the sun to rise, we will eventually make it through the darkness. everything can start off as really bad. but it’s the “really bad” that preps us for the “really good.”
  forgiveness: i don’t think i’ve ever hurt anyone more than i hurt a particular person who i love to the core of me last year (not intentionally). i also don’t think i’ve ever been hurt so deeply by anyone either. through the battlefield and through the storm, we must learn to forgive. forgive ourselves and forgive the other person. we’re human and we all make mistakes. we’re ok.
  peace: in the past, i’ve been a firm believer in keeping the justice. but what's been the real revelation is that peace truly is more important that justice. it’s not always about being right, it’s about being kind.
  yolo: anyone that knows me knows i probably say this about eight hundred times a day. you only live once.
  in big actions, be courageous.: take leaps of faith. jump off the deep end. try new things. believe in yourself. achieve. shine bright. you were not put in the world to play small.
  what really counts?: in fifty years a lot of my daily activities won’t make a difference. what will make a difference is how i deal with things and with whom. i really don’t need to spend time to people who aren’t a beacon of light. my time and energy must focus on what counts : family, true friends, nature, love and of course, sandy loo. and in turn, those who i encounter must also see me as a pillar of strength, love and light.
  laughing: cracking up and finding the humor in just about anything has been a key to my happiness. and when in doubt, smile.
  do you: the more i've stayed true to myself, the more i find life easier.  i don’t need to make excuses or give reasons for my decisions. i’m simply doing me without judgment. in turn, i must not judge anyone in my process.
  giving back: last year i got involved with HashtagLunchbag which helps feeds the homeless in various cities around the world. there is nothing more satisfying that taking one sunday a month to forget about my life and dedicate it in service to others. it really has been a life changing experience going to skid row to give food to the homeless.
  "thank you!": the most important lesson i learned last year was to be grateful. grateful and gracious. life can turn in a dime, and every day above ground is a good one. i now make it a point to say “thank you” every night before going to bed, and having “thank you” be the first words out of my mouth every morning.

here's to 2015.
and here's to turning 31. 


  1. Indeed! Love ur posts :)

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  2. This post made me smile. I love how optimistic you are about life, age, and what really matters. I hope you have an even better year at 31 than you did at 30.

  3. Beautiful post!


  4. I love reading your thoughts, they resonate with me so much. In the past 4 years I've learnt how to forgive and how to look forward, it will release so much from your shoulders.

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  5. Perfect outfit:) xx

  6. Lovely post!!


  7. Amazing post, dear!! I so agree with with you :)
    It is how we deal with things, not the things themselves, that causes our happiness or unhappiness. And giving back is really important, it makes others feel good which then in return makes we feel good.
    Btw, youl look gorgeous in your outfit, the fur is stunning! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous weekend<3


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  8. Lovely post full of wisdom and you are lucky to have learned to much already at 31. Best wishes !

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  9. I really like the way you think, seems like a right thing. happy birthday!

  10. Nice fur you have there.

    I love it.


  11. in love with your amazing fur coat

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  12. you definitely did a good job over 30 years. And you are right we live only once, so we should make the best of our lives


  13. Beautiful fur coat! Look good on you! I wish u all the best!

  14. Happy happy birthday to you and wish you all happiness in the world, because you deserve it. Your post is very nice and so so try :)

  15. That coat it so beautiful! Love this look!



  16. Love your outfit! X Minale

  17. Happy birthday! I am so stressed about turning 30 and I enjoy reading posts like yours!

  18. Great blog you have! I'm glad I found it :-) Beautiful photos!
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  19. I'm with you. As cheesy as it sounds, I say YOLO all the time. It's like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for your openness here:)

  20. i love the coat!
    I really like your blog!!
    I'm your newest follower i hope you will visit me soon :3

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  21. Woooow super nice this flower coat!!! ;) Love the pics <3