golden nugget, silver screen

because i believe in irony and awesomeness rolled into one : my precious monster, sandy loo, has received a movie role. i'll be posting pictures as the story develops!


so here it is! extra extra read all about it! i must say sandy loo exceeded my expectations. she was so well behaved and classy and sassy. a true golden nugget!
when arriving on set, i was a bit nervous that i would get an acting itch. ever since i let my acting go, i've been much at peace and eager to try new things. this was the first time on set really not caring about the camera aiming at me - what a relief.
the entire crew was so warm and inviting and i thank them for taking such good care of "rapunzel" (sandy).
once i get more information about the film, i'll be sure to post so y'all can check her out!


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