worth the ride

(saturday post)
yesterday i was in studio city with a very good friend of mine. we went to one of my FAVORITE hole in the walls in the city - daichan. let's just say i drive by it atleast twice before i point at it and say, "aha! there you are! sneaky."
the room is tiny and filled with japanese "paraphernalia" from head to toe. what they are most known for (and what i absolutely adore) is their poki bowls. i usually dive right into the yellowtail bowl. in short, it's deconstructed sushi.
they claim to be "japanese soulfood"... i claim they are nothing short of brilliance.

that being said, the conversation that took place within these walls was refreshing. after being in los angeles for a couple of years, people tend to become a bit jaded. i love seeing people visit here or move here - they have a restless sparkle in their eyes. the rest of us just walk around like lost souls, not really in search of salvation. it's hard to remember to have faith here; its a conscious effort (a fight if not) to remain positive and true and faithful. "when did i become this person", she asked. "the city brings it out of you," i responded. play becomes work, passions become tedious, love becomes lust. to succeed one must swim against the current. make work playful, make the most tedious things in life your passions, and as for love and lust, i say do both. it's worth the ride.


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