under my umbrella

i'm in fashion heaven! can we say "amen" to people in the red carpet... elegance and class is back!
however, does it not seem a wee it bit odd that someone would hold an umbrella for you while they (assistant) get soaking wet; much less when you claim to be such a "humanitarian for donating to haiti." uhm, turn around, help out your assistant before you claim to help out an earthquake stricken country.
john hamm rocked the umbrella, so did joshua jackson, george clooney, tina fey and penelope cruz.
"i am not p.diddy, i can hold my own umbrella." - penelope cruz
as of now these are my top three looks of the night. once i find out who the designers are, i'll be updating the information.

maggie gyllenhaal

marion cotillard

olivia wilde


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