electric avenue

why not go to venice on a wonderfully rainy day?

i ate a cafe called 3 square and had a delicious huevos rancheros. right after, i headed out to mona moore running around abbot kinney in the rain.

and then off to bookstores. i started reading the june 1961 playboy and found out that they actually had an article asking it's readers whether or not woman "deserved" the right to vote:

and then boom. the clouds parted, the sun came out, and it was one of the most beautiful beach days ever.

and just cause i like it:

there is something about venice that is so refreshing, even in the rain. the streets looked grey today but it was so welcoming; everything seemed like a black and white photograph. genuine and sweet. here is a beach town where graffiti is a work of art, and eating vegan is a way of life. escaping from the city for a day was a relief. i was breathing fresh ocean air, crazy huh?


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