welcome to existence

why this and why now?
i'll be frank: 2009 blew. despite that, i knew that to get back on the track to happiness and success, i would have to go back to the basics: do the things i love. start small and do it everyday. and so, for the next three hundred and sixty five days i will find the little (and big) joys in life. i made this promise to myself and i will now make it to you: rain or shine, in sickness and in health, i will chronicle my voyage. as for you, whoever you may be, i invite you to share this experience and city vicariously through me.

chapter one:
for those that stay in the city for the holidays, there are two rituals performed on january first : either a. you will see to the rose bowl parade or b. you will hike runyon canyon. i did the latter. after a mere fifteen minute parking hunt, i was ready for my first hike of the year. this thirty to forty-five minute workout is accompanied with a slew of dogs and legions of shirtless men. god bless outdoor fitness.

the great honor system greets you.
because i only had a $5 bill and there was no "change jar", i took a water bottle and vowed upon my next visit, to honor the system and pay. (will advise when accomplished)

so clear you can see downtown.
this you definitely do not see everyday. because it rained two days ago, the skies were clear, and the view spectacular.

until tomorrow...


  1. I love the first entry, I'm happy I'll get a little piece of you every day .

  2. So stoked to see you started a blog! I support your endeavors and think more people should view life like this. tbh, i wish i could think of life like this more often. as always my little salsa, you are an inspiration.