cojones and wine

eureka! if you refer back to the "here's looking at you kid" posting, i described a very fateful scene at the pool. well... as "fate" would have it, i saw this person again at dinner last night.... with his family... and girlfriend. not being a shy beast, i walked right on over to his table and with a smile from ear to ear said, "hey! it's you from the pool!" his jaw dropped and face blanched. oddly enough (and to my benefit) the table (save the girlfriend) happened to be extremely interested in my appearance and introduced themselves whilest giving me compliments. upon their leaving the restaurant, each one of them (again saving the girlfriend) came up to my table to say their good-byes. and THAT my friends is what i call drinking your wine and putting on your cojones, or as the universe has taught us - fate.


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