all i saw was red and blue lights flashing behind me.
coming home from work i was pulled over for running a stop sign (which apparently i did because i did not recall a stop sign down that road. yikes!) as the female cop got out of her car to approach mine my mind was racing with excuses, all of them negative.
then a nerve struck. don't apologize, simply tell her about your wonderful day.
i rolled down the window with a blank stare as she asked if i knew why i was being pulled over. i thought of at least three good chuck norris jokes but refrained with that humor. i said, "no m'am." and she proceeded to tell me about the stop sign. i then said, "oh my! officer, i really have no excuse. i just left work today and was even given a promotion. i've been thrilled all day!" the cop tilted her head and asked me for my license, insurance and registration. continuing to smile, i handed it over to her.
after 4 minutes (which in cop-land means 2 hours) she came back to my window and said, "dammit. i cant ruin your day. you got promoted! you probably were too excited and ran past that sign. now go on, enjoy the rest of your day and keep an eye out next time." her face was gleaming back at me. "thank you m'am. you have no idea how much this means to me."

i wonder how many times we give excuses to people or we blame someone/something with a negative thought. as if the world needs more misery to go around. why not pay some kindness forward for a change? why not tell a cop who has pulled you over about your fabulous day?


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