non-recyclable society

my mom always claims that this generation is one of "recycling" and "returning". not only in the environmental-save-the-planet sense but in our personal day to day relationships as well.
we no longer call someone to see how they are doing. someone's voice is now a rarity in communication. instead we succumb to varied amounts of texting, facebooking, and emailing to substitute a real human connection. where does this leave us?
if i were living in the 1950's and a boy called (the house) he'd have to get through my sibling(s) and/or parents to get through to me. that requires massive amount of balls, termination, and a ground base of at least "liking" me. now in 2010, a text can be made by anyone, anywhere. and as the story telling humans that we are, we are usually lost utterly in translation. in other words, it's far too easy.
women are now a button away and men are now boys. of course there are exceptions, and those i value more than gold and jewels. but for the majority of us, especially those living in metropolitan areas, we are constantly inundated with nonsense. i would appreciate one solid phone call rather than a massive list of texts. i would appreciate someone holding my hand rather than being seen as a piece of meat. because let's face it, meat is meat is meat. doesn't matter where it comes from, a carnivore will always indulge in his meal.
people come and go from our lives like jet planes across the sky. quality has now been replaced by quantity - and is it not us to blame? someone told me a month ago, "idalia, it's not business. find the meaning to it." although i initially scoffed at the fact that someone (who i barely knew, by the way) would have the audacity to conclude that i handle most affairs as mere "business", i soon found myself realizing this person (outside in) was un-mistakingly correct. how can we as individuals ask for relationships with others when we have not stopped to have one with ourselves? furthermore, once we do develop a relationship with ourselves why does our culture scrutinize and dissect to oblivion personal relationships? coming from a culture where i probably should be married and rearing children who will one day be sent to a catholic school, to living in a culture where being single is fortitude, i find myself trying to pave a way to balance.
so it is a world where we recycle. my water bottle once touched the lips of another, just as any lover. a candle of life and love can be relit with a single sentence on my phone. and at the end of the day, i rather be in bed reading a book wishing in a non-recyclable society.

*wrote this back in March 2010
*picture above is titled "Morse Code". Photographer not known.


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