tears n' fears

a few friendly reminders on etiquette (ie: the thing that has been replaced by internet and instant gratification):

1. never start an email (let's not get started with facebook messages) with "hey, i know we haven't spoken in 96 years but i see you work/worked 'here' and was wondering.....(usually is followed by some insane favor that would practically be impossible for me to do even if it was my own mother - who i dearly love - asked me to do)"
solution: pick up the phone and say "dude! long time no talk! i totally thought of you because..."
2. never finish said email/facebook message with "hope you're doing well."
solution: once said phonecall (noted prior) is made, there is no need for these faux "well wishes" because, frankly, you'll know i'm doing fabulous.
3. no "thank you" from said emails/facebook messages.
solution: none. if you are not grateful i insure you this one thing: you will not succeed in life. gratitude and appreciation are the solid foundation to anything worth living for. i always do my best to help anyone and everyone. there is a quote which my mom has always told me growing up, "haga bien y no mires a quien" translation: do good, and don't look who you're doing it to. ie: always do good. always help. always be kind. karma has a funny way of sneaking up on us.

by no means is this email intended to be negative or cavalier. i am just genuinely dumbfounded how many people complain and take no action. they demand (via text and facebook) and cry.
this is los angeles, kids. there ain't room here for tears or fears.

"humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less." - c.s. lewis


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