25 random things you may or may not have known about me.

1. as a kid i had mild asthma and had an inhaler all the way up to college. in cross-country i would keep the inhaler in my shoe so no one would notice.
2. i took off my bottom braces pre-maturely and now i'm left with crooked lower teeth.
3. i always sleep with my baby pillow (the subject of many late night jokes).
4. i have travelled by car from coast to coast. even made a pit stop to roswell because i'm an area 54 nerd.
5. tequila is my choice o'poison.
6. favorite fiction book: the other side of midnight.
7. i've been playing the piano since i was 3.
8. zac efron is my celebrity crush.
9. i love white rooms with white wood.
10. cheap red wine always does the trick.
11. i go walking/running/jogging every morning and every evening.
12. hiking calms my soul.
13. i genuinely believe that good things happen to good people all the time.
14. i miss college and keg stands.
15. i'm always reading at least two books simultaneously.
16. i turn everything into a dirty joke.
17. my mother is the strongest woman i know.
18. my first car ever was a neon i named nelly. to this day, it's been my favorite ride.
19. i was always a year and a half ahead in school. i graduated highschool 2 months after i turned 17.
20. 17 has been my funnest age to date.
21. i do my praying and life affirmations in the shower. daily.
22. the first words out of my mouth every morning and last words every night is "thank you." i got that from my mom.
23. i'm a mean cook and love the kitchen. and i'm not humble about it.
24. i have absolutely no problem saying i was wrong. honesty and pro-activity have gotten me this far.
25. i have the most insane goals. i have no doubt i will surpass them.


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