summer mane

i will admit one thing here and now : i don't style my hair. 
i shampoo, condition, put on serum, and go about my merry day. sometimes i'll loosely blow-dry, sometimes i don't. sometimes i'll use hairspray, sometimes i won't. i have absolutely no patience to stand in front of a mirror to perfect my locks - just not that kind of gal.

that being said, i have to be sure that the products i use in my hair will give me the results i desire.
welcome to my regimen:
1. gud pearanormal activity shampoo: smells like paradise and leaves my hair clean and healthy.
2. gud pearanormal activity conditioner: hands down one of my favorite conditioners in the world. i even use a dollop of it after i towel-dry my hair to add the little extra softness and sweet smell.
3. free your mane serum: extremely light-weight and effective. i use a couple of drops after towel-drying my hair and a couple more dollops after my hair is dry. it stops the frizz without making my hair look oily or weighing it down.
4. oscar blandi at home salon glaze: the title says it all. one of the best names in hair-care provides a home remedy. perfect for the summer. you won't have to pay salon price to have your locks at their best. 

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