life checks in

live life consciously and authentically —
understanding that things do not happen to us,but rather for us. 
- e.lanahan

happy monday blogiverse! this weekend i decided to take a 6hr road trip up north to the santa cruz mountains to visit my dear friend caitlin. for x number of reasons, i really just needed to disconnect with my non-stop city life and sit in the wilderness to just be. to literally stop.
it's that moment when you enter the cabin in the woods with zero cellphone connection and no tv and think, "what did i just do? get me to the nearest air conditioned hotel!" followed immediately by "idalia, stop. think. be." and so i allowed myself to stop, think and be.
only when we learn to disconnect from what we consider our life, and not become attached to objects or people, can we really allow ourselves to be genuine with our emotions. we can learn to separate fear from reality, truth from fantasy, words from deeds, and action from retreat. we can open our heart and be conscious. we can speak and act from a place of pure authenticity. as allan lokos once wrote, "your actions are your only true belongings." 

ego and pride checked out. and life checked in.

*thank you toters for the woods.

*please note that i forget my memory card at home so my camera was of no use. all pictures above were taken by my blackberry & iPhone.

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