sneak peak bello mag: chris powell edition

could you believe?!
what started off as a day filled with headaches (something i'm not naturally prone to), ended with meeting one of the people i most look up to - chris powell.

in case you've been living under a non-active rock, and may not be familiar with his face, i strongly urge you to check out a show called extreme makeover, weight loss edition. get ready be inspired and rejuvenated! and let me say, meeting him (and his wife) in person was even more of an inspiration!

here is a teaser shot from bello mag's fall fashion issue with chris on the sports section cover coming out early september - don't you worry, i'll remind you to check it out when it's out!

the issue will first be available on iTunes app for iPad & iPhones.

photography/editor in chief: aleksandar tomovic
styling/fashion editor: warren alfie baker
grooming/executive editor: leslie alejandro

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  1. Um, I think I'm in love with this guy...those eyes!