inspiration week: tuesday

when someone this weekend asked me, "what world leader/persona inspires you?" the first person that immediately came to mind was diana, princess of wales. her class, style, grace and unyielding courage to help those around the world always struck a chord with me.
despite the events surrounding her personal life, she always made it a point to show her love outwardly and openly. 
here are 5 fun facts you may not have known about her:
1. she was president of great ormond street hospital for children
2. at one point, she belonged to and was active with over 100 charities
3. she was once the nanny to an american family living in london
4. she made personal relationships with people living with aids and leprosy 
5. in her marriage vows, she did not say she would "obey her husband" which raised eyebrows.

today's icone du jour: diana, princess of wales

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