declare my proclamations

alrighty kids, here is my first official video post of the year - yowzas! i really want to hear what people's resolutions are for 2013... 
if you were to ask me in public, i would probably give a mischievous giggle and scoff off the question - but secretly you'd know that the wheels in my noggin are just turning and churning to see what realistically and idealistically i'd like to accomplish.
so here, my dear friends, i will make my resolutions public and declare my proclamations: 
1. stop picking at my cuticles - i mean really. i'm not 12. there's absolutely no need for someone my age to take out their inner anxiety on the poor skin that wraps around my delicate nails. 
2. keep my heart open - yup. i'm saying it. i'd like to fall in love again. (ugh, i can't believe i'm actually posting this.) 
3. travel to a new country - bold bold statement i've said to myself, but i shall accomplish it. so stay tuned! i already have a couple of trips planned, but as far a new land, i've yet to decide... 

so what are yours? are they dreamy goals or more objective ones? are they centered around your career, your love life, or your inner being? and in turn, what are you willing to give of yourself for the realization of them?  


  1. Another one giveaway!!! Oh great! :*

  2. 1) Study
    2) Study
    3) Study
    4) Study
    5) Keep blogging

    That's it :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

  3. 1. lose another 10 pounds
    2. commit to a daily yoga practice
    3. finish two huge volunteer tasks that have been dragging along

  4. mine is to get back into shape - exercise exercise exercise!
    (and less drinking and more dancing!)

  5. Great post! I love it!

  6. cute blog you have here! aww sucky i dont have sound on this computer so i cant exactly watch your video hahaha


    ♥ Ellen

  7. need to get myself into these. I just hate the sound of my own voice!

    thanks for the inspo miss!