inspiration week: thursday

if you haven't noticed by now, i have a passion for travel. there is nothing more educational or inspirational to me than exploring different cultures and locations. here are my top 5 most inspirational places i've had the honor of visiting:

5. los angeles : yup. i live in a city that has always inspired me. from its snow-capped mountains to it's palm tree filled beaches, the city of angels has had a hold on my heart for a while now. even as a little kid visiting, i always knew i would eventually live here one day.

4. hawaii : in one word - paradise. it's so peaceful and lush. although i wasn't able to do half of the activities i would have like to have done while there, visiting oahu was a dream come true.

3. new york city : i know i know the picture is horrible but look at that big & fuzzy smile on my face! the first time i visited nyc, i was in highschool. my mom was on a business trip and i tallied along. my first experience was a solo one and i felt so powerful and independent. every time i go back i fall more and more in love with it. 

2. oxford, england : you know the scene in mary poppins where she's wearing a white dress and everything around her is a cartoon? yup. that's what i felt like when i was in oxford. by far one of the most gorgeous, serene, and green places i've ever visited. 

1. venice, italy : my oh my did this place take my breathe away. traveling via gondola around the city, i became more and more enchanted by the surroundings. i literally felt like i was instantly transported into a time filled with masquerades and balls. 

*please note all pictures were taken by me (save the one of myself which was taken by a friend).

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